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Our Experience

More than 12-years of direct leadership, accountability and varied project management experience. Successfully completed challenging, enterprise-wide projects with notable private and public organizations, such as:

-  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Atlanta, GA

-  General Electric (GE) Foundation; Atlanta, GA

-  National Monuments Foundation, LLC; Atlanta, GA

-  North British Cunningham Media and Marketing; Oxfordshire, England

-  Belk, Inc.; Charlotte, NC

-  Esquire Depositions Solutions, LLC; Atlanta, GA

-  Wesley Woods Hospital / Emory Healthcare; Atlanta, GA

Our Approach

Understanding a client's business needs via structured research, requirements gathering and prioritization while employing best in business services tools for established organizations and entrepreneurs, alike.  ChasMax firmly believes in active listening to implement your tailored solutions.  

Thus, properly implemented solutions and options - tied to ROI metrics - effectively achieve your customer satisfaction journey.  Suggested solutions include middle- and back-office stakeholders in the process.  This aides in exceptional cross-functional, enterprise-wide business process improvement.

Why Us?

First, teams are educated, certified professionals with, for example, credentials from:

-  Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP)

-  Advanced Strategic Project Management Practices; Villanova University; Philadelphia, PA

-  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification; Villanova University; Philadelphia, PA

-  Graduate degrees in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration with emphasis upon Operations Management.

We learn your business or entrepreneurial "pain points", organize your goals and outcomes into a comprehensive, actionable Plan.  We can provide longer-term, management and control options to ensure you achieve identified outcomes and critical ROI.


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"Enterprise Milestones Achieved"

ChasMax Enterprise Engineers


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